I attended a conference in San Diego this week called Traffic and Conversion.  I’m actually stuck here due to the massive bomb cyclone storm that is supposed to hit Philadelphia tomorrow.  


Well, one of the takeaways from the T&C conference was that we need to convey to our prospects three things when we are marketing to them.



We need to speak to the idea that by using our company the prospect will have a transformation.  We need to show them the before & after they will have after they buy our product or service.  Scared and Afraid then Confident and Resting Easy.  Remember people buy with emotion.  If you can get them thinking they are going to feel good about the buying decision, then you are in great shape to close the deal.



You need to make them aware that you have the authority to sell them your product or service.  For managed services, I think we can convey this by telling stories.  Tout our successes and how we helped our customers solve their business issues. 



Lastly proof, you need to prove to them that you do have the chops but providing testimonials.   Testimonials, social proof, ratings, and reviews are ways to do this.   Extra points if the testimonial references the transformation the client underwent.


Make sure you are continually asking our clients for help to build your social proof.  It could be a little as a google review or as big as a case study.  Both are equally important. 


T.A.P.  Start thinking about this the next time you are writing content or presenting to a client.