Creating a Marketing Persona

For me, a techie, creating a marketing persona or really digging deep into the abstract is a hard thing to do.   We recently started working with HubSpot and this is really bringing my shortcomings to the forefront.  I am NOT a marketing guru.

Starting in 2017 we have several initiatives that our on fire and as a result I am being pulled into several directions.   I must admit, some of it is self inflected.  I have this new skunkworks project I have been working on that is really occupying my evenings and weekends.  Because of this and our hubspot initiative we need to define and market to several buyers personas or avatars.

I’m a Techie – of course I found a tool

I was searching the web for a starting point and I found the new HubSpot Make My Persona tool.   It helped me define a marketing persona for my new line of business in about 10 minutes.    Granted it isn’t fully fleshed out but it is much more than I had ten minutes ago.   If you need a starting point for who you are marketing to then I would give it a try.   It gives you a good starting point that you can flesh out.