We have had high-speed internet before anyone knew what high-speed internet was! seriously our first connection was a 56kbs synchronous circuit was back in the 80’s. We have steadily been increasing our bandwidth as our needs grew and the costs came down. Sometime around 2010, we signed our first contract for a 100Mbit ethernet circuit from Cogent.   I want to tell you why we are switching to Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet.

Since we were off-net for cogent we needed to have our building lit up with fiber. Cogent contracted Verizon for the last mile and Verizon feed our building with underground fiber. We are fortunate in that we have a Verizon CO or central office right across the street and everything in town is underground.

When our contract came up for renewal with cogent this year, I thought that I would see what they could do for me for a price concession, after all, I had been paying about $2200 a month for over 7 years. The quick math that is over 180 grand. I also figured I would see what Comcast had to offer since I know their business Ethernet group is aggressively trying to gain market share.

What is Comcast Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI)?

The Comcast Ethernet product for dedicated internet is a high-speed, high-reliability type service for the customer that have significant internet needs.   The service is available at speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and is delivered via fiber optics.   We are installing a 200Mbps connection to double our existing service from Cogent.    The service has two features that were essential to our company.


  • BGP – Border Gateway Protocol which is a requirement if you are multi-homed (have more that one internet connection to different internet providers).  This allows failover and re-routing on the web when one or more of these circuits goes down.
  • TMS – Threat Management Service.   TMS is a network-based monitoring and security service that comes pre-enabled on all Comcast Business Internet circuits. It helps protect organizations against Distributed Denial of Service and application layer attack

The Installation Process

After you sign the order and assuming you are off-net and need to have fiber built out to your location, you need to have a pre-construction survey done.  A Comcast representative will visit your site and walk through the construction necessary to bring fiber into your building and the switch required into your server or computer room.

Once this is complete Comcast will call for mark outs and then construction will begin.  This is the longest phase to get you turned up.   The mark outs will be quick, but sometimes the construction will take a while.

Once the building is lit, it is a quick process to get the internet service turned up and for you to start enjoying some really high-speed internet.

Yeah, but is it reliable?

This isn’t your grandmothers Comcast,  this is a synchronous dedicated high-speed internet,  not cable TV.   Synchronous means that if you have 100Mbit service you have 100Mbit up and down and even at the same time.  This is an entirely different network than residential or business service supplied via COAX, so there are not the headend problems associated with the cable provided internet.

How I can help you

If you are in the New Jersey, Philadelphia PA, or New York area.  Give me a call or shoot me a note.   Our company PICS ITech can assist in getting you aggressive pricing and ensuring you are well taken care of at Comcast Business.   We have an excellent business relationship with them and because of our volume we are able to negotiate great deals on behalf of our customers.