Digital Company Bulletin Board

So it’s not pretty but it does serve a purpose.  This lowly bulletin board, which I think was one of the artifacts from the late Fedders corporation, hangs near the back door at 46 High Street.   Its purpose is to remind our team of things that need to be top of mind.

As you progress further into the office we have a flat screen TV with our service dashboard pumping out the day’s activities so that everyone is on the same page.  Hours logged by Tech, Tickets opened, tickets closed, sales activities, customer satisfaction scores.  All the metrics we review on our daily huddles.   The goal?  So we are all working together and so the metrics are transparent, so we all know what we need to do to stay ahead of the eight ball.   If your teammate isn’t pulling his weight it is there for the rest of the team to see.   (PS: The big thumbs down is the bathroom indicator….it’s in use J)

digital dashboards

This got me thinking about everyone that isn’t in HQ.  Where is their top of mind reminders?  How can we give everyone the same type of company bulletin board so we are all on the same page?    My first thought was use a digital signage system like we have done for customers in the past .  We used a solution from Rise Display for our Indoor Golf customer Baylinks  That solution would require a dedicated PC and screen in everyone’s home office, probably not a practical solution.

Then I remembered a Christmas present the sales team at PICS ITech purchased for me about two years ago.  It was a digital picture frame but what made it so cool was that it was WIFI enabled that could be contributed to by multiple people and the photo stream could be sent to multiple frames in any location.   All you do is email the photo to a special email address and bang it is in the rotation!

We have two new grandsons so we purchased these frames for the grandparents, great grandmothers, aunts and uncles – now anytime anyone snaps a cutie of the boys it gets beamed right away to all of our WIFI connected picture frames.  This was a great solution for our family and should work great for our virtual workforce digital bulletin board.

the kids

We purchased 12 new NixPlay Edge 8” frames for the home offices and started creating playlists for the frames.  When we send the frames out to our employees all they will need to do is mate them to their wireless network and they will start receiving the PICS bulletin board content.   Content like Quarterly Theme updates, like “Drive to the Finish”, our Q4 initiative, Work Anniversaries, New Business Wins, New Team Member announcements and maybe even parts of this newsletter!   We hope these digital bulletin boards will help our company grow as we enter into 2017 and put the pedal to the metal!