Are you ready for this, I was at a holiday party last night for the Sweetwater Yacht Club. Believe it or not, I was elected the Commodore for the club last year! Crazy but true. Miss one meeting and next thing you know, you’re the boss.

So last night I was also the master of ceremonies for the party. It started out simple enough, I made some remarks, and we had a blessing for the evening, and when happy hour was over, we sat down for the first course.

Then it happened, the awkward silence while everyone is waiting for the main course. Some of the new members didn’t know too many people yet, and I could see some of the tables were less chatty.

Sure the DJ was playing some dinner music, but it wasn’t enough for me I wanted to hear some stories., after all the club is over 20 years old. There had to be some great stories in those sportcoats and dinner dresses. Stories that would make the club come together as one.

So I passed around the mic, and people told stories. Longtime members shared stories with new members, and they talked about the brotherhood (and sisterhood) that existed in the club.

Why am I telling you this? Because YOUR prospects are just like new members, they need hear stories to make them feel comfortable. Rarely are you going to have a new business meeting where the owner wants you to tell them about patches, bits and bytes and speeds and feeds.

They want you to ease their fears. They need you to convince them that doing business with you is not a mistake.

So tell them stories.